Youth entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector and the policies supporting it is the focus of the document “Cross-border policy document: recommendations to support start-up public policies”, realized by ARTI as part of the European Interreg project Greece – Italy Incuba.

This deliverable is one of the last steps of the project, which proposed a new model of incubators in the agri-food sector and strengthened the network of relations among local and cross-border partners. In this latest report, recommendations and actions are proposed to improve the effectiveness of public policies in supporting agri-food start-ups.

Starting from an analysis on the startups ecosystem in Europe and the most relevant characteristics in Greece and Italy, the report then describes the methodological steps used to collect data, comments and insights from stakeholders, which have been numerous and differentiated, both analytical and participatory.

The conclusions list some practical actions that could be tested in the next programming period 2021-2027 and recommendations for more effective support policies for start-ups, useful for policy makers at regional level.

INCUBA D5.2 Cross Border Agrifood Incubators

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