Within the framework of the Incuba project, Ilia Chamber organized an International Workshop, which was held on Monday, 30th December 2019  in the conference room of the Ilia Chamber (4th Floor). The aim of the workshop was to present the methodology developed within the framework of the project’s implementation and the relative best practices, based on the model of an economically and socially viable incubator of young start-ups operating in the Agro – Food sector.

Mr. Athanasios Haremis, Economist and member of the National Documentation Center (NDC) as an Innovation Consultant, participated in the International Workshop, referring to the characteristics, particularities and challenges of the Agro-Food sector at European and national level, presenting examples of innovative respectively best practices.

There was also an extensive presentation on the particular role of innovation in the Agro – Food sector, giving more emphasis on  the great added value it can contribute to the product. The workshop was concluded with an in-depth discussion among the attendees on practical issues related to activating participatory business forms and real successful Agro – Food entrepreneurship models.

At the end of International Workshop, Surveillance Certificates were given to all participants.

For more information and updates on “Incuba”  you could also visit the project’s official Facebook page:



Project co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Funds (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy.


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