In the context of the implementation of the project “Cross Border Agrifood Incubators – INCUBA (Cross Border Agrifood Incubators)” in the framework of the INCUBA project of the European Territorial Cooperation Program Interreg Greece-ltaly 2014-2020 ”

The REGION OF WESTERN GREECE invites stakeholders or teams who intend to set up a start-up business in the Agri-food sector but also existing businesses that intend to develop new products or services, to fill in the participation form in order to take part in the Small and Medium Entrerprises (SMEs) Incubator implemented in the framework of the INCUBA project.

The CROSS BORDER AGRIFOOD INCUBATORS (INCUBA) – Cross-border agri-food incubators project has as its main goal to support ten (10) start-ups in the agri-food sector with innovative ideas through the provision of relevant services.

Specifically, the services provided to the members of the incubator are:

– Training of 10 businesses by 3 trainers with different skills in order to help them define, improve and achieve their business goals.

– Support of 10 businesses in the development of a specific field of the business plan of the company (eg marketing) by specialized mentors- 10-day training of 10 businesses on entrepreneurship issues through laboratory courses, through visits to other companies that have managed to develop their business or through a discussion on best practices.

In the last ten days of the training, the Region of Western Greece will proceed to the selection of three (3) start-ups for the provision of further training and reward services, which will include:

  • Technical and consulting support with business guidance so as to improve their productivity, development and extroversion.
  • Support in techniques of promotion of businesses in target markets.
  • Coaching in the design of new products and their standardization.
  • Coaching for obtaining a quality certificate.
  • Travel to Italy for an exchange of good practice (the implementation of the action will depend on the health conditions prevailing at the time).

The terms and conditions for participation are mentioned on the project site:

Closing date for applications: 5/8/2020

For information about the project, the competition and the participating process you can contact:

Konstantinos Tzamaloukas

Phone: 2621360508


Pelagia Nikoloutsou

Phone: 2621360431


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