Sharing experiences to date, lessons learned and meeting needs to address any challenges in the context of international initiatives and territorial cooperation, related to supporting start-ups and innovative companies, is the goal of the meeting scheduled for 7 October, which will take place in the Fiera del Levante- Padiglione dell’Innovazione.

With this meeting: Opportunities and strategies to strengthen the enhancement of innovative SMEs and start-ups in the area of territorial cooperation Greece-Italy, promoted by the partners of the INCUBA Project, it is intended to consolidate what has already been achieved with the Interreg Greece-Italy 2014-20 projects, strengthen collaboration and exchange of information, improve the level of innovation and competitiveness of the area of cooperation. To this end, the INCUBA project has begun a dialogue with several Interreg Greece-Italy projects and with some key players in the Puglia and Greek territorial system.

In particular, incUBA project partners will present the results both at a meeting held last July and from interviews with a group of expert stakeholders on the subject.

The meeting is also an opportunity to gather guidance, suggestions and proposals that can be included in the next programming on Youth Entrepreneurship & Innovation. After the meeting, a document containing the suggestions of the protagonists of the Interreg Greece Italy projects will be drawn up and will be transmitted, after sharing it with all the participants, to the heads of the Interreg Greece-Italy 2021-27 Programme.

Italian partners of the INCUBA Project are the Bari Chamber of Commerce and the ARTI – Puglia Regional Technology and Innovation Agency.

The work will be opened by Giuseppe Rubino, Head of the territorial cooperation section of the Puglia region. The speeches of Damiano Petruzzella, Giordano Dichter and Francesca Volpe of CIHEAM Bari and Annamaria Fiore of Arti Puglia will follow.

The conclusions will be entrusted to Gianfranco Gadaleta, Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat Program CBC Greece Italy 2014/2020.

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